MENA has been a significant intersection point of civilizations throughout history, playing a bridge role between Africa, Asia, and Europe.


However, the region's historical significance has been chronically neglected.  MENA begins with an assumption which describes that this region has presented difficulties throughout history. Emphasizing the importance of wars and reciprocal influence among civilizations, North Africa maps an important future for past, present and next civilizations about this pivotal region.


In this regard  MENA has been a preeminent penetration struggle for colonialist states and region’s countries during the cold war era. After that, the post-colonial period challenged the countries of North Africa and MENA in different perspectives. Severe political, economic, and social confusion retained to progress regional nations. In addition, social, cultural, and political issues regarding religious and modern dichotomy became gradually significant in post-colonial North Africa. It became obvious that there was a necessity to restore a sovereign self as well as a state.


In this workshop, we will try to discuss colonial, post-colonial period of Northern African countries.


 Was Africa involved in the Cold War?

 What impact did the Cold War have on  MENA Region?

 What are Cold War hot spots in North Africa?

 Was the Cold War hot or cold for North Africa?

  What are the comparative look at the ‘New Cold War’ of the Middle East.

  Who are the new actors  of this new Middle East Cold War?


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